Rajshree Polypack Pvt Ltd

Disposable Products

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Disposable Plastic Products which are disposable, recyclable and available in various shapes and sizes. We are also the pioneers among the major Disposable Dinnerware Manufacturers as well as Disposable Food Containers Exporters. The products are known for their quality and affordability in India but in global markets as well.

  • 50ml, 100ml, 250ml & 500ml Containers for Yogurt & Ice Cream Packing
  • 130ml & 150ml Tea & Coffee Vending Cups
  • 200ml & 250ml Glasses for Water & Cold drinks
  • 300ml & 350ml Glasses for Thick Shakes & Juices
  • 500ml & 1000ml Container for Packing Application
  • Plates, Trays & Bowls for Food Service.
  • Lids.
  • Trays for Packaging Application.

We can process both polystyrene & polypropylene; combined together we process around 4500mt/annum. We can mfg. products in various colors and shades.

Disposable Drinking Cups

One of the most renowned names in the field of Plastic Disposable Drinking Cups, we produce these cups in large amounts and in any size as per the clients demands. We know that these days nobody has the time, or sometimes even the money, to afford expensive china utensils for their party purposes, so read more...

Disposable Plates

Catering to a large number of customers not only in the Indian markets but global markets as well, we provide Disposable Plates in all sizes as per our client’s requirements. We produce Disposable Dinner Plates which are not only easy to carry but also very cheap, disposable and recyclable as well read more...

Disposable Trays

We are one of the most trusted names when it comes to Party Disposable Trays. Serving to a large number of clientele all across the globe, we make sure that we have the answer to all your party‘s serving problems. We produce Disposable Trays at affordable prices and in read more...

Disposable Bowls

We produce large number of Disposable Bowls and have become the pioneer in doing so. Our Disposable Plastic Bowls are extremely easy to handle, disposable, leakage free and recyclable. We are also the leading Disposable Plastic Bowls Manufacturers not only in India but in read more...

Disposable Containers

We lead the markets in producing Disposable Containers in large amounts, readily available for our customers to use. Not only are these containers disposable and convenient to use but are available in various shapes and sizes. We assure that our products are of optimum read more...

Disposable Ice Cream Cups

We lead the markets in producing Disposable Ice Cream Cups which are of optimum quality and highly hygienic. We produce these cups in any size and shape according to our customers. We ensure that they are leak proof and convenient to use. We are the pioneers Disposable Cups read more...

Disposable Cup Lids

We are the pioneers in the plastic industry in producing Plastic Disposable Cup Lid which are famous for its quality and convenience not only in India but in the entire global arena. We are well equipped to produce large amounts of Disposable Cup Lids in whatever size, read more...

Disposable Scoop Cups

We are the leading manufacturer of Disposable Scoop Cups in the domestic market and in global markets as well. We produce Scoop Cups in all kinds of varieties, shapes and sizes as per client specification. Our products are convenient to use, cheap and of high quality and read more...

Disposable Curd Cups

We offer the best quality Disposable Plastic Curd Cup. We are well known in the entire global arena for the best quality and affordable prices of our Disposable Curd Cups. We produce large quantity of Disposable Curd Cups in whichever shapes and sizes according to our customer. Our products are well read more...